Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deco Mesh Projects and Perler Beads

So, I have been working away to destash my craft room in the last few weeks.  It has been slow going though.  Finding the time to work on things is always hard after the holidays.  Getting things put up in an orderly and neat fashion, the late visits of friends and family (we have a very large family) and cleaning the house is always an undertaking that first time after Christmas!

So, I don't have any pictures really ready to go, but I can tell you that the Christmas Deco Mesh has been my first thing to start working through.  Back at the beginning of Christmas I found this wonderful peacock ribbon and stems at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't know what I wanted to do with them, but I knew I wanted something for the Craft Room.  That is one of two rooms that I have spent no time decorating.

I made the base for a wreath using some bright blue and silver Deco Mesh and I wove the ribbon into the base.  I haven't decided how I want to decorate it yet, but I had my husband go ahead and hang it for now so I can look at it and make some decisions.

I have also made a green tree and almost finished a white tree made on tomato cages.  I will need to go and get some white and red pipe cleaners today to finish the trees, oh and I will need another tomato cage.  I was only going to make two, but I have the right amount of all three colors and I want to get rolling on the post-holiday stuff.  I was also thinking that the three colors an be alternated year round of different things.  I really want to do something small for Valentines Day this year, so I can use one for that, green can be used for St. Patrick's Day, white can be used for Easter...  You get the idea.

I also have spent some time playing with Perler Beads.  I did buy them for 12$ off of Amazon, but I will get plenty of holiday decorations and gifts out of them.  I have a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift already!  Those are also to come in photos!

I hope that anyone reading this wasn't bored to tears and I promise that I will start working on getting my pictures up soon!

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