Friday, January 2, 2015

A Resolution for the New Year!

After spending way more in the last year on craft supplies, I have decided to "destash" my craft room a bit this year.  I hate to disappoint, but there won't be huge giveaways nor will I be throwing anything away.  I am going to work at least 80% from my stash all year and I am going to try an chronicle my year with my stash here with you (Hi Mom).

This will be a fun experiment to see if I can hold on to my goal of making things from what I already have.  I know there will be expenses (wire, tools, random bit of something) but I want to keep supplies purchased under 10% of the total project make-up.  There are a few things I have been mulling around in my head and I already see a trip to Lowe's coming soon but this will be for things like industrial wire and zip ties...oh and tomato cages!

I think given that I am not ready for Christmas to be over, I am going to start with some Christmas projects with the things I have here already and things that were purchased 80% off last week.  That means that I also won't have to put them up/hide them!  Two birds, one stone!

I hope that I haven't already bored you away!  Here is to a new year!

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